ASICS Fujispeed M 1012B176-700 running shoes


Asics Fujispeed running shoes

FUJISPEED™ footwear is comfortable, durable and fast. It is a functional model for overcoming longer cross-country distances.
The lightweight Nexkin upper helps resist chafing from running over rocks and roots. Laces reduce pressure on the outside of the foot for a supportive fit.

We took inspiration from our cyclocross shoes to create this shoe, so we equipped it with a Pebax drive plate and GUIDESOLE™ technology. These technologies help deliver smoother propulsion and smoother descents on even the most technical trails.


  • The contact of the foot with the ground is even. First, the outside of the heel contacts the ground, then the foot rolls inwards (pronation) to absorb shock and support the weight of the body
  • The Nexkin fabric upper reduces the weight of the shoe and improves its resistance to damage from rocks and roots
  • Asymmetric lacing reduces pressure on the top of the foot
  • Shoelace cover prevents unraveling
  • GUIDESOLE™ technology helps save energy by reducing ankle flexion
  • FLYTEFOAM™ cushioning provides shock absorption
  • The Pebax drive plate helps redirect your energy forward while giving you a better grip feel to the bottom of your foot
  • Specialized ASICSGRIP™ rubber tread for improved traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Weight 240g/8.5oz



  • durable and lightweight Lexkin material
  • quick binding system
  • reinforcements in the most important places


  • Flytefoam cushioning
  • Pebax plate
  • Guidesole technology
  • drop 5mm


  • aggressive tread
  • AsicsGrip rubber
  • weight: 240g


  • red/pink
  • blue


40, 40,5, 41,5





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