Boxing gloves FERONIA 12 oz 10040212OZ


Boxing gloves FERONIA 12 oz 10040212OZ


  • A model dedicated to women. If you want to feel feminine regardless of the form of activity, you can reach for lines designed specifically for women. Gloves are manufactured taking into account the construction of a woman's hand (shape and dimensions) and aesthetic considerations (colors). You will definitely stand out in them in the ring.
  • The FERONIA model has a high-density foam padding, premium hand protection and a large strap/velcro on the wrist to keep and lock them in place during training. Breathable interior. Very strong construction and durability at an attractive price. Gloves provide the hand with the correct, correct position during training.
  • Technical data:
    – High quality synthetic leather.- Multi-density foam with excellent shock absorption.- Large Velcro closure- Full attached thumb to minimize the risk of twisting.- Breathable interior


12 oz





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