Boxing gloves “Japan” Dbx Bushido Dbx-B-2v8



"JAPAN" boxing gloves Model: DBD-B-2v8


"JAPAN" boxing gloves in traditional Japanese design with Japanese words "True victory is victory over oneself".

B2v8 boxing gloves are made of high-quality natural leather, additionally lined on the inside with a special fabric that increases the material's resistance to damage.


The gloves use ActivCLIMA technology that ensures proper ventilation of the gloves during training.

The mesh used on the outside of the glove and the air-permeable material inside the glove allow for free air flow.

The applied solution significantly reduces the effect of hand sweating, increasing the comfort of training.

The gloves are filled with a special type of foam that provides excellent shock absorption and crushing resistance.

The gloves provide excellent shock absorption even during intense and long-lasting training, so they can be successfully used both during everyday training on equipment (punching bag or training discs) and during sparring.

A wide and strong Velcro provides proper wrist support, guaranteeing safety during training

To improve safety, the thumb of the glove has been taped to the glove. This solution prevents knocking out the thumb during strong blows

The issue of safety during training is a priority for us, which is why the gloves have been designed and made in accordance with European safety standards: PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN 13277-7: 2010

Additionally, each model of gloves, before being introduced to regular production, undergoes intensive tests under training conditions.

Thanks to cooperation with leading fighters and martial arts trainers, we check the durability and comfort of the structures and materials used.

Only those models of gloves that ensure compliance with safety standards and successfully pass training tests are introduced to our offer.

Thanks to this two-step verification, you can be sure that the product you choose is not only safe but also comfortable during training.

    • Material: reinforced natural leather
    • Sewn by hand
    • Safety: CE, Compliance with European safety standards PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN
    • Color: black-white-red
    • Purpose: Boxing, MuayThai, bag training
    • Warranty: 12 months






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