Boxing gloves Yakima Sport Grand M 12 oz 10049612OZ



  • GRAND boxing gloves They are 100% handmade from natural leather, with extra long velcro and unique colors
  • They are anatomically designed, with attached thumbs and a waterproof lining for the best protection and comfort.
  • The glove fits the hand.
  • Prefers players who like to use hard gloves.

– Made of natural leather under strict quality control

– Attached thumb provides protection against twisting or knocking out

– The waterproof lining prevents moisture from entering and keeps the gloves clean

– Anatomically designed.

– Long Velcro. Opinions of professional boxers about the GRAND glove: "The long velcro, unparalleled in other models, allows you to wrap the entire wrist. This stiffens it, which keeps the hand in the optimal position for punching. Additionally, it prevents dangerous twisting of the wrist during hard hits" "Interesting colors distinguish GRAND gloves from everyone else" "I like to train in GRAND gloves because they have a harder foam and I feel the blows better"

Application: Amateur fights, training on shields, training on the bag.



12 oz





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