BXT 326 Treadmill Bowflex 100547



BXT 326 Treadmill Bowflex 100547

The new and largest BXT 326 treadmill from Bowflex is a dream come true for the possibility of achieving amazing results. It was created to meet the most demanding users with the highest specifications and engine power for home users. Additional motivation is due to the combination of the treadmill with such applications as Bowflex Results ™, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, RunSocial.

Remember that treadmill training guarantees less joint load than traditional running, we owe it to Comfort Tech ™ multi-zone cushioning. More importantly, thanks to it you can run at any time, regardless of the weather or air pollution.

If you want to buy home equipment that will help you shape your figure, improve your fitness and health, this treadmill is the perfect choice.

INNOVATIVE DISPLAY: Large, high resolution, backlit LCD display allows easy access to training parameters. It shows not only the total calories burned, but also the number of calories burned every minute. This motivates you to continue working harder and achieve better results in less time. The console is also equipped with a sound system and button lighting to encourage achievement of goals.

FAST CHANGE KEYS: The quick change speed and angle buttons are located in an easily accessible place, which makes it convenient to change them during training, while maintaining a smooth running pace.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: The console has 11 training programs, including interval training, controlling fat burning, based on target and manual heart rate. Thanks to this, you will find the right training for yourself, regardless of whether you are a beginner athlete or an advanced user.

USER PROFILES: The console has the ability to save four user profiles, so your training data will be safe when the other person starts exercising. In addition to tracking your progress, you can motivate each other to train regularly.

APPLICATIONS: Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity you can synchronize training data with Bowflex Results ™, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, RunSocial applications. This allows you to share the results of your training, the ability to motivate each other with training friends.

VIRTUAL PATHS: In addition, you can run 27 virtual paths in 19 locations, access to which is provided by the free RunSocial application. If the window is gray and cold and you dream of running in the sun, all you have to do is find the right route and you can enjoy the sun on a cloudy autumn day.

FAN: 3 levels of airflow adjustment make your training more comfortable. Thanks to the ability to set the direction of the fan, it will suit people of all height.

SPEAKERS: The built-in sound system allows you to make your training more attractive by listening to music or audiobooks. Entering the MP3 player gives you the opportunity to run with any favorite sounds.

HEART RATE MEASUREMENT: The pulse measured with the help of sensors placed on the handles, or attached telemetry belt, will allow you to train in the appropriate heart rate zone to achieve even better results. It should be remembered that the measurement of pulse using sensors / sensors placed in the product gives approximate (approximate) results. The equipment is not a medical product. We recommend using a telemetry belt for more accurate results.

TABLET TRAY: The equipment has a tablet tray so that you can conveniently use the application and track your training progress. If you want to diversify your training, you can also use it to watch a movie or series.

SPEED: You can set the speed range of the treadmill from 0 to 19.3 km / h. Thanks to this, you can conduct valuable training regardless of your level of advancement.

SLOPE LEVEL: To get more out of training, you need to diversify it. A good way to intensify exercise is to change the slope of the surface. The BXT 326 treadmill allows you to change the incline account by as much as 15%.

EFFICIENT ENGINE: Quiet, powerful and dynamic 4.0 CHP engine with 6.5 horsepower, ensures efficiency and smooth operation even at maximum load on the treadmill. It was created to withstand the longest workouts.

CUSHIONING SYSTEM: When you run on a treadmill, your legs are pulled twice as much as your weight. Thanks to the special Comfort Tech ™ technology, which provides additional cushioning, your joints are less strained during training, and the sensations can be compared to running outdoors.

FOLDING: Thanks to the SoftDrop ™ system, you can unfold the treadmill with the press of a button. The equipment will unfold slowly and will be ready for use.


Display: high resolution color, backlit LCD display, 22.9 cm (9 inch) screen size with the ability to track and control training parameters
Training in virtual reality mode: possible thanks to the RunSocial application (for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV)
Engine: 4 CHP
Training programs: 11
Number of user profiles: 4
Applications and activity tracking: the ability to synchronize training data with applications such as Bowflex Results ™, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, RunSocial
Functions: speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, incline of the treadmill
Speed: 0-19,3 km / h
Slope: electronic regulation in the range of 0-15%
Treadmill belt area: 152.4 x 55.9 cm (L x W)
Belt: durable 3-layer 2.5 mm
Deck: 2.5 cm
A console with space for a tablet
Treadmill cushioning: Comfort Tech ™ technology
Pulse: measurement using sensors placed on the handles, as well as with the attached telemetry belt
Folding: easy and secure thanks to the SoftDrop ™ system that allows you to unfold the treadmill with one click
Quick access keys at your fingertips: for conveniently changing the speed and incline of the treadmill during training
Fan: 3 levels of airflow rate control
Additional equipment: USB port with the possibility of charging devices, transport wheels, speakers with mp3 input, security key
Maximum user weight: 180 kg
Intended for home use
Warranty: 2 years






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