Chimney Alpinus Zuzi Alp Hos 1


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Alpinus Zuzi chimney red ALP HOS 1


  • A practical accessory, which is the Alpinus multifunctional chimney, will be useful during any outdoor expedition.
  • Its unlimited use will prove itself: on a bicycle, in the mountains or on a city trip.
  • Soft, seamless fabric increases the comfort of use, even during intense activities.
  • The flexible structure of the material allows it to be used in at least 10 ways, including as a scarf, hat or mask.
  • Quick-drying fabric absorbs moisture well.
  • Comfortable and stretchy multifunctional scarf will work wherever you care about the lightness of your packed luggage.
  • The chimney will replace a scarf, hat or hairband.

Technical data:

Length: 49 – 50 cm

Width: 23 – 24 cm

Material: 92% polyester, 8% elastane

Weight: 45 g







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