Combo Shark 3in1 skates Jr HS-TNK-000013998



Safe in terms of use, durable and in eye-catching colors, they will be a great gift for Christmas, birthdays or Children's Day for every toddler.

Three options in one product!

Glowing LED circles!

    • Perfect, adjustable roller skates and skates for children.
    • The adjustable shell allows the growing child to use the product for several seasons.
    • The plastic structure of the shoe with a movable collar ensures adequate leg stiffness, safety and comfort while driving.
    • A soft and comfortable sock inside, provides an adequate supply of air.
    • Size adjustment is easy to use and safe at the same time (there is no possibility of automatic adjustment).
    • Combo 3in1 are comfortable and quick to put on – just tighten two buckles and you can ride.
    • The buckles have an AUTO LOCK system that prevents the buckles from detaching or loosening during use.
    • The shoe has two metal and plastic buckles.
    • Easy adjustment with a convenient button.

Peace of mind for parents

  • The rubber wheels do not make noise like the plastic ones, they do not slide on the surface, which makes the ride much more stable. There is also no danger of the wheel breaking while driving.
  • The safety brake and the width of the wheels (24 mm) allow easy, intuitive braking and balance.
  • Depending on the level of advancement in driving lessons, the roller skates can quickly transform into a roller skates thanks to the system of changing the position of the wheels.
  • The product grows with the child's foot (adjustable up to 4 sizes)! Size adjustment is secured with a lock.

Fun for children:

  • Attractive color and pattern catches the eye.
  • Rubber wheels ensure a comfortable ride.
  • Easy to fasten

Technical Specifications:

    • Shell: high quality ABS plastic
    • Bearings: ABEC 5 Carbon
    • Wheels: PUC rubber 64 x 24 mm, luminous wheels – equipped with LED diodes
    • Bindings: buckle equipped with AUTO LOCK system
    • Steel skid, HRW50-52

In sizes 26-29 the skates have 3 wheels

In sizes 30-33, the rollers have 4 wheels







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