Crocs Classic W 10126-4JQL slippers


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Crocs Classic W 10126-4JQL slippers


  • The advanced system of ventilation holes at the height of the toes ensures that the foot is always cooled and allows the drainage of water and particles from the ground.
  • Crocs are completely water resistant, weigh only a few hundred grams and are unsinkable.
  • Their convex massaging elements stimulate blood circulation.
  • And the unique orthopedic shape protects health and provides comfort.
  • Odor resistant, easy to clean and quick drying.
  • Fully molded Croslite material for a lightweight yet secure fit.
  • The back strap made of the same material ensures a firm hold.
  • The lightweight sole leaves no traces.
  • Only original Crocs footwear is made of the patented Croslite material, i.e. a special, non-toxic, closed-cell resin, resistant to bacteria.
  • Croslite does not absorb odor, does not have the characteristic smell of rubber or plastic.
  • It is lightweight, and under the influence of body heat, it warms up and softens, adapting perfectly to the shape of the feet.


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