Garden shed Lifetime Premium 213×289 60310


Garden shed with dimensions 289 x 213 cm produced by the Lifetime brand from the USA is an innovative product made of high quality plastic – 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE). The steel reinforced construction makes the shed much more resistant and will last for years. It has been designed to accommodate everything you want to hide from your garden.

With the help of a configurable wall shelf and corner shelves, you can adjust the room as needed, and thanks to the structure imitating real wood, it will perfectly match the garden environment. The walls and roof are covered with a protective layer resistant to UV radiation to prevent fading and cracking. The stain-resistant surface never needs painting – it's a definite advantage over wooden sheds!

A skylight made of durable material, running along the entire length of the roof, provides maximum natural lighting. Double doors with hinges and locks open to almost 180 degrees, so we can bring in even large appliances. Non-slip polyethylene floor and easy-to-maintain steel reinforced structure ensure comfort of use for many years.

The roof with high slope allows for quick evacuation of rain and snow and provides a spacious interior, and durable steel spans increase durability. The inflow of fresh air and excellent ventilation will be ensured by windows and covered ventilation holes, which additionally stop pests.

The whole range of innovative solutions makes the Lifetime garden shed unparalleled and is a product that stands out from the competition.


Steel reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE) construction
A high slope roof for quick removal of rain and snow
Steel trusses improving roof strength
Lockable, double doors with a wide opening angle
Non-slip HDPE floor resistant to various types of dirt, e.g. oil or solvents
A long skylight running along the entire length of the roof and windows will provide a sufficient amount of natural light
Shielded ventilation holes
Customizable shelving and shelves system
High wind resistance (104.6 km / h)
Aesthetic appearance
Wood-like structure
UV protection, preventing damage caused by weather


Material: Powder-coated steel and high density polyethylene (HDPE)
Wall and door structure: Steel reinforced double-wall polyethylene panels
Floor: Non-slip double-walled polyethylene
External dimensions: 204 cm x 275 cm x 227 cm
Internal dimensions: 198 cm x 270 cm x 178 – 224 cm
Door dimensions: 137.7 cm x 191.7 cm
Exterior roof dimensions: 218.5 cm x 283.5 cm
Roof pitch: 5:12
Roof construction: Double-wall polyethylene panels
Spans: Two steel A-shaped spans
The volume: 14.1 m3
Area: 5,346 m2
Standing space: 197 cm
The depth of the eaves: 5.08 cm
Wind resistance: 104.6 km / h
Ventilation holes: Two shielded ventilation holes
Shelves: Two corner shelves – 24 cm radius + one shelf 76 x 25 cm
Windows: 2 polycarbonate windows 58.4 x 31 5 cm
Door handle: high quality door handle with metal latch
Door hinges: Full length galvanized steel hinge pins
Closing the door: Outside: latch with padlock option. Inside: two latches on the left door
Graphite color
Warranty: 10 years

* Before assembling the shed, prepare a concrete or wooden platform. Level the surface before determining the type of platform. The shed mounted on an unleveled surface will not be assembled correctly. We recommend preparing the platform from a concrete screed. This type has the greatest strength and will serve for many years. The selected platform must be placed above ground level to avoid water accumulation inside the shed. All information on how to build the platform is included in the user manual.

100% HDPE – The structure made of 100% high-density polyethylene with double walls makes the shed extremely durable. The use of double-walled panels results in much greater flexibility and plastic performance as well as resistance of min. to strong winds.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The shed is additionally reinforced with a steel structure and steel spans, making its impact and load resistance much higher.

LEFT LEAF LOCK – Two latches in the left door leaf improve stability and durability of the shed, without the risk that they will open automatically and additionally protect the shed against burglary.

DOOR LOCK PROTECTION – Keep the contents of your shed in a safe place. The door is closed with a latch, which you can additionally secure with a padlock.

GOOD LIGHTING – A well-lit interior provides a long, durable skylight running along the entire length of the roof and a large polycarbonate window on the side wall of the shed

SLIPPING POLYCARBONATE WINDOWS – In addition to adequate lighting of the shed, the windows provide ventilation and a supply of fresh air

COVERED VENTILATION – Constant air circulation affects its quality inside the shed. Even when you do not ventilate the room for a long time, you do not have to worry about moisture and unpleasant smells.

WOOD INVOICE – Perfect imitation of wood means that the shed will go well with the surroundings in the garden, without requiring painting and maintenance.

SPACE OPTIMIZATION – With the help of wall and corner shelves, you will organize the interior of the shed so that you can fit everything you want in it.

OPTIMAL WATER DRAIN – A steep roof slope guarantees good water drainage and prevents snow from accumulating.

SPACIOUS ENTRY – Thanks to the double-leaf door that opens to almost 180 degrees, you can easily bring large items.

PROTECTION AGAINST UV – A protective layer resistant to UV radiation will protect the structure against fading and cracking, so you can use the shed for years!


Lifetime has been providing the highest quality products for over 25 years. The company was established in 1986 as a producer of the first portable basketball stands in the world, which changed the face of this sport. Today, Lifetime is also a producer of folding tables and chairs, kayaks, garden equipment and playgrounds. Over the years, the company has gained recognition in the market, and its products have become a symbol of quality, commitment and innovation.


Lifetime guarantees the reliability of its products and a long warranty period. It creates products that meet the requirements of every user with an active lifestyle. You can trust Lifetime products because of the way they were manufactured and tested. Lifetime creates products that are easy to use and easy to maintain. It all adds up to the unmatched value of products that you can count on every time. Lifetime offers a comprehensive warranty on all parts and products. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects.


Lifetime's pride is its freshness and innovation, quality, design and production process. Accordingly, Lifetime products are protected by a number of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights recognize the distinctiveness of Lifetime product innovations and provide protection against violation of these rights. Lifetime diligently enforces all acts of infringing its intellectual property rights. A list of patents can be found here.


Lifetime products come from the USA, which guarantees incredibly high quality of offered products. The company uses the best quality materials, such as HDPE (high density polyethylene). Lifetime are products for many years with above-average durability and strength. They reflect commitment and innovation, all while maintaining the proper quality for products made in the USA.




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