Garmont G-Hike Le GTX 481 061-211

Garmont G-Hike Le GTX 481 061-211


The Garmont G-Hike Le GTX hiking shoes are a high structure that perfectly supports the foot, which will allow for effective hiking for many kilometers. At the same time, apart from the obvious convenience, you will gain what tourists like the most, i.e. technical support. A waterproof GORETEX ® membrane is responsible for them, so it can rain, and you will keep on walking.


This model is characterized by a durable sole with low stiffness, which will allow you to perform on those trails where there are no rocks or climbing sections. Thanks to this, the foot somehow sticks to the ground, and the entire structure of the shoes offers its natural rolling. This relieves the legs and makes the hike easier. You will appreciate it during the whole summer, spring and warmer autumn when you go outdoors. The trails of the Beskids or the Bieszczady Mountains will be open to you, and these shoes will permanently appear in your tourist wardrobe.


The GORETEX® Extended Comfort membrane is also highly waterproof, which will protect you from total wetting in the event of a sudden break in the weather. Thanks to this, rain or muddy sections of the trail will not keep everything inside the Garmont shoes swimming. In addition, Garmont shoes are supported by a rubber rim and a hardened tip, so accidental catching with roots or stones protruding from the trail. This avoids easy mechanical damage and maintains the general durability of this model for the next seasons.


The Garmont G-Hike Le GTX hiking shoes have the well-known and appreciated Ortholite® Hybrid ™ X35 insert. It transports moisture away from the bottom of the foot better than other solutions. This increases the overall feeling of thermal comfort and works perfectly with the GORETEX® membrane. The Ortholite® Hybrid ™ sockliner is also antibacterial, which will slow down the formation of unpleasant odors, so you will keep it fresh for a long time.


Garmont shoes have been developed in the Garmont Anatomically Directed Design (add) construction . It is based on an asymmetrical collar and tongue, as well as a special panel around the ankle. Thanks to this, the whole thing maintains the appropriate stability of the foot inside the shoe and does not move during the hike. Garmont designers also used the Heel Lock solution here. It keeps the foot in the same position during the hike, which reduces the formation of blisters.


The Garmont G-Hike Le GTX hiking shoes have EVA foam in the midsole that offers cushioning. This relieves the joints and facilitates the implementation of the hike. Thanks to this, the feet do not hurt so much, so you can confidently cover a few kilometers more. In this model, it was decided to use the Vibram® sole developed on the basis of the Vibram® Megagrip rubber compound . This makes you move more efficiently on a variety of terrain. The tread of the sole in its rear part supports braking while descending, while its front is flatter and will work on more difficult sections of the trail.


Garmont G-Hike Le GTX shoes – the most important features:



    • The GORETEX® Extended Comfort Footwear membrane guarantees a high level of water resistance, which protects against total soaking;


    • The modern GORETEX ® membrane maintains the optimal level of breathability, which makes it easier to get rid of excess moisture;


    • The upper is made of well-presented 1.8 mm chamois leather;


    • Ventilation panels on the upper support air circulation;


    • Reinforced tip and half rim protect the upper and fingers from shocks;


    • Ortholite® Hybrid ™ X35 insole provides high wearing comfort and is less prone to deformation;


    • Ortholite® Hybrid ™ X35 also has anti-microbial properties, which slows down the development of unpleasant odors;


    • Garmont Anatomically Directed Design (add) supports natural stability;


    • The Heel Lock system is designed to lock the heel in one position, preventing its movement in the shoe and the formation of unpleasant blisters;


    • The midsole made of EVA foam provides great cushioning of steps;


    • ErGo-Last Double Damper is an anatomical profile of the insole supported by a shock absorber;


    • Vibram® sole provides good grip on various surfaces;


    • The special Vibram® Megagrip rubber compound is responsible for increased traction on hard ground;








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