Hockey inline skates Bauer RH RS Sr M 1053629



Hockey skates Bauer RH RS Sr


  • The Bauer RS skates are a great choice for everyone, from the more experienced skater to someone who wants to play roller hockey for the first time.
  • Bauer built the RS skates to provide the hockey novice with the best possible skating learning tools without compromising on comfort and durability.
  • The shoe's unique design provides some of the best ankle support at this price, while thick inner foams keep you comfortable right out of the box.
  • Finally, Bauer has adopted a hard wheel for outdoor riding, so you can ride on uneven exterior surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.
  • Boot: Anatomically designed composite shoe, one piece
  • Frame: Hi-Lo Vanguard Two-piece steel frame, ventilated Hi-Lo Vanguard
  • Lining, liner Soft microfiber facilitates moisture management, anatomical EVA insole,
  • Tongue: 2 piece Anatomical 2 piece felt Wheels: Hi-Lo Stret
  • For driving on asphalt, concrete Hi-Lo Abec 5 bearings The bushings and balls are made of steel – chrome steel increases the service life of the bearings
  • Lubricated ligtweight synthetic grease that can withstand heating, improving bearing life. Bearings are made with the most advanced production technologies, all to ensure a high level of the product.


Purpose Hockey In-Line Hi-Lo Vanguard skid

Wheel size 2 x 76 mm; 2 x 80 mm

Wheel hardness 82A, Hard Bearings 608 standard, Hi-Lo Abec 5

Lacing system Shoelaces Type |

Shoe shell Composite, one piece

Liner (inner sock) Microfiber, EVA foam

Brake None

Top clasp None 45-degree clasp. No 6mm axles

Weight limit 100 kg


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