Inline skates Nils Extreme Jr NJ / NA0321 A 16-01-009



  • NJ0321 A Nils Extreme are inline skates from a series intended for children and teenagers. The product is a combination of colorful design with high-quality workmanship.
  • The NJ0321 A Nils Extreme model is equipped with a three-step shoe size adjustment, allowing it to be adapted to the user's needs. This solution allows you to extend their service life, and also allows more than one person to use them.
  • EVA material, 3 mm foam and a breathable membrane guarantee comfort while driving. Light and durable shoe with a system of straps ensures maximum safety. Thanks to a simple adjustment system, you can easily and quickly adjust the size to the user's foot.
  • The model is available in three attractive color versions: black and lime, white and pink and white.


    Skid: PP
    Boot: hard with ventilation system
    The insert is made of:

    breathable membrane
    3 mm foam
    EVA material

    Clasp: two-section buckle
    Wheels: PVC 64/68/72 mm
    Color: black and lime
    Sizes: S (26-30), M (31-35), L (36-40)
    3 wheels for size S.
    4 wheels for size M, L




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