Inline skates Roces Jokey 3.0 Boy Jr 400 845 03



Inline skates Roces Jokey 3.0 Boy Jr 400 845 03


  • Roces roller skates are intended for recreational skates and children
  • the structure of the shoe and frame supported by the Growth Compensator system allows the size to be adjusted with one button located under the heel
  • the outer shoe is made of high-quality glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene. The frame is made of molded aluminum
  • Easy Entry System technology makes it easier to take off and put on
  • The 3-step closure stabilizes the foot and protects it from accident caused by unfastening
  • an inner shoe with an anatomical insole gained the Cool Breathe system, which supports the ventilation of the feet
  • wheels, the so-called rubber ones are mounted on ABEC-3 bearings, which are not the slowest, but also do not allow to develop dizzying speeds

Technical data:

  • Easy Entry System: makes it easy to put on and take off the roll
  • Cool Breathe: mesh material provides proper ventilation
  • Hell Lock: roller stiffening buckle protects the ankle joint
  • bearings: ABEC-3
  • Growth Compensator technology
  • size adjustment
  • lacing: traditional + Velcro pressing the heel
  • frame: molded aluminum
  • movable collar
  • bushings: aluminum
  • wheels: PU (commonly known as rubber)
  • brake: easy to replace, removable
  • the model does not include a skate shoe


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