K2 Marlee Pro ’24 Jr 30H0500 adjustable skates



  • K2 Marlee Pro '24 adjustable skates
  • Adjustable roller skates for girls, designed to provide the youngest and slightly older users with maximum joy and comfort from skating.
  • Using modern technologies, such as a composite FBI frame for stability and shock absorption and the Speed Lacing system, the skates offer a safe, smooth ride.
  • The roller skates grow with the child thanks to five-step size adjustment, which makes them an ideal choice for years.

Main features:

  • Shoe: Comfortable and stable, with adjustable size, which allows it to be adapted to the child's foot and ensures long-term use. One of the most comfortable inner shoes available on the roller skating market. They provide full leg support while riding combined with unimaginable comfort.
  • The breathability of the materials guarantees driving comfort.
  • Upper: Jr. Cuff offering maximum support necessary when learning and improving your roller skating skills.
  • Fastenings: The Speed Lacing system facilitates quick and secure adjustment of the roller skate to the foot, increasing comfort and safety of use.
  • Lining: Innovative, divided internal insert that moves without creating gaps when changing shoe size, ensuring comfort with every step.
  • Skid: Composite FBI frame for stability and shock absorption, ideal for young users.
  • Wheels and Bearings: 72mm diameter wheels (or 70mm for the smallest size) with ABEC 3 bearings enable a safe and smooth ride. The possibility of later replacement with larger wheels ensures long-term adaptation to the skills and needs of a growing user.


  • Intended use: Adjustable, children's, fitness, recreation
  • FBI Composite skid
  • Wheel size 70 mm for size 29-34/max 72 mm 72 mm for size 32-40/max 76 mm
  • Wheel hardness 80A
  • Bearings 608 standard, ABEC-3
  • Speed Lacing System Type |
  • Softboot boot shell, Stability Plus Cuff,
  • Composite Liner (inner sock)
  • Integrated Brake Included
  • Top closure Buckle 45 degree closure Velcro
  • 6mm axles
  • Weight limit –







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K2 Marlee Pro ’24 Jr 30H0500 adjustable skates – 35-40, Blue
K2 Marlee Pro '24 Jr 30H0500 adjustable skates
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