Riedučiai Meteor Rox 22362 rollers



  • Inline skates are intended for all recreational skating enthusiasts who like to stand out from the crowd.
  • The special design allows you to easily adjust the size, and the latch allows you to change only when you want it.
  • The design of the shell allows movement and change of the position of the foot while driving without losing stiffness.
  • Thanks to the combination of an aluminum skid and ABEC-7 carbon bearings, the skate is light and durable, and the ride is smooth and relaxing.
  • Polyurethane wheels guarantee very good driving parameters.
  • In addition, the high back shell stabilizes the ankle and prevents injury.

The product complies with the PN-EN 13843 standard


• Brake – made of a special material that will not wear off after a few brakes, thus providing effective protection for longer

• Additional loop for easy installation of the roll

• A panel that allows you to change the position of the foot while driving

• Length adjustment

• Integrated semi-soft liner

• 3 in 1 fastening system:

o easy – classically laced inner shoe

o quick – bottom Velcro strip

o safe – strong buckle closure (QUICK-LOCK buckle), blocking the leg and preventing injury.




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