Nike Dri-FIT UV One Luxe T-shirt W DD0618-653


Nike Dri-FIT UV One Luxe T-shirt W DD0618-653


  • The Nike Dri-FIT One Luxe T-shirt is designed for every type of activity – from yoga to HIIT workouts to long runs.
  • Part of the Nike Luxe line, it's made of ultra-soft, smooth fabric that's breathable to help keep you dry and cool.
  • The product is made of at least 75% recycled polyester.
  • This Nike Luxe t-shirt is made of fabric that is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch, for unparalleled comfort.
  • An additional advantage is the reflective Swoosh logo on the chest.
  • Soft, smooth fabric with a rounded back hem for extra coverage. Small slits on the sides increase comfort during movement


  • polyester


  • pink



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