Nike Dry Referee LS M AA0736-482 referee shirt



Nike Dry Referee LS
Catalog number: AA0736-482


* referee shirt with long sleeves
* has two pockets with Velcro
* fine mesh inserts for more ventilation
* made in DRI-FIT technology / giving away sweat to the outside
* composition: 100% polyester
* blue color

With the Nike Dry Men's Long-Sleeve Referee Shirt, you'll stay in top form throughout the match.
The moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you dry, and two chest pockets with a belt closure and snaps increase the functionality of the shirt.

Nike Dry material wicks moisture away from your skin and speeds up the evaporation process, ensuring comfort and allowing you to focus fully on the game.
Placed on the chest, two large pockets with a strap closure and snap fasteners allow for secure storage.
Raglan sleeves with no shoulder seams allow for natural movements.
The colorful finish of the collar subtly contrasts with the rest of the shirt.







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