Puma Carina 2.0 women’s sports shoes [387622 02], white


Puma Carina 2.0 women’s sports shoes [387622 02], white.

German brand Puma   is one of the giants of the footwear and sportswear industry, well known to all lovers of a sports lifestyle..

Puma sports shoes are a comfortable option for every fashionable woman.

Puma Carina is perfect footwear for everyday urban styling.

The upper of the shoes is made of the highest quality ecological leather.

Inside the sports footwear there is a SOFTFOAM insert, which provides incredible softness.

High, fashionable sole adding a few centimeters – 2.8 cm high.

The rubber covering the outsole is responsible for traction and grip.

Perfect footwear for any sports outfit.

Sports shoes for women – Butomania.pl store

Sports shoes from Puma in standard sizes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

See what sizes are available.

The Butomania.pl store is the largest selection of sports footwear for your entire family.

When purchasing in our online store, you have a guarantee that the goods are original and come from the official distribution network.

You can return or exchange the goods within 30 days without giving a reason.



36, 37, 38, 39, 40





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Puma Carina 2.0 women’s sports shoes [387622 02], white – 39, White
Puma Carina 2.0 women's sports shoes [387622 02], white
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