Salewa MS MTN Trainer 2 M 61371-7512 shoes



Salewa MS MTN Trainer 2 M 61371-7512 shoes


  • sturdy yet flexible men's functional shoe with a low upper and technical features for alpine trekking, hiking and via ferrat in hard-to-reach terrain, with a firm Vibram® sole and breathable mesh lining
  • this updated version of the MTN Trainer model was designed in Montebelluna, a small town in the foothills of the Dolomites, famous for its mountaineering shoes
  • is a durable, versatile shoe for technical approaches with a low upper
  • characterized by an upper made of suede with a thickness of 1.6 millimeters and a Vibram sole, which is designed for long, intensive use
  • Durable leather upper has a protective rubber edge for 360 ° abrasion resistance on rocky terrain and a breathable mesh lining
  • the improved design of the shoe guarantees a comfortable and more flexible fit
  • moderately stiff nylon midsole provides support for the midfoot, but at the same time provides optimal flexibility in the forefoot, allowing quick movements over rough terrain
  • The multi-functional Vibram MTN Trainer Evo outsole has deep, self-cleaning cuts and aggressive studs for perfect grip on rocks and debris, and optimal grip on mud and grass
  • special via ferrata profile under the metatarsus in front of the heel has precise, rectangular protrusions that allow better adhesion to the iron rungs of via ferrata ladders
  • our signature 3F system connects the instep area with the sole and heel for flexibility, a correct fit and a secure hold
  • the climbing shoe lacing system can be precisely adjusted in the toe area for greater precision when climbing, while the elastic gaiter under the laces provides additional weather protection
  • the padded OrthoLite sockliner wicks away perspiration and keeps feet cool
  • MTN Trainer 2 for men is a comfortable alpine solution for technical hikes, via ferratas and trekking tours


  • skin


  • black


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