Salewa MS Wildfire Edge GTX M 61375-0971 trekking shoes



Salewa MS Wildfire Edge GTX 61375-0971


  • Salwa men's shoes.
  • Durable, waterproof and breathable approach shoe with GORE-TEX® membrane.
  • Support sole and Switchfit system.
  • Guarantee of climbing precision and comfort when climbing up the wall.


Hike to climb
The Wildfire Edge GTX is a technical approach shoe that can be adjusted to suit the terrain. Co-designed with mountain guides and professional Dolomite climbers, the SALEWA Switchfit System is a simple yet very clever solution using an extra eyelet which, when used in lacing, pulls the foot to the sole and moves it further forward, compressing the toes in a climbing boot pattern. This provides a better feel for the terrain and allows for more precise foot placement, even on small ledges and rock steps. After climbing, simply loosen the laces, which automatically gives the toes more space in the front and thus more comfortable walking.

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort
Highly durable upper made of suede and microfiber hides a thin, extremely breathable GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort membrane, which will provide your foot with an optimal microclimate in a wide range of weather conditions and effective protection against rain. The membrane consistently resists water attacks that do not penetrate inside the shoe, while sweat in the form of water vapor easily penetrates to the outside to keep your feet warm and dry.

Climbing precision
The front part of the shoe is equipped with Edging Plate, i.e. a plate integrated with the inner sole that ensures optimal stiffness of the shoe under the toes. The rest of the sole remains flexible, allowing the foot to roll comfortably and naturally.

Unmatched grip
The Pomoca Speed MTN sole is made of extremely adhesive rubber, so that the shoe can successfully cope with smoother rock surfaces, while the special relief guarantees better traction on soft ground such as mud or grass. Field tests have confirmed that Pomoca Speed MTN provides effective grip in dry conditions as well as in bad weather.

Alpine Fit
The Exa Shell mesh around the foot prevents it from slipping inside the shoe when traversing on steep terrain, and the 3F System ensures optimal fit, flexibility and stabilization of the ankle. Climbing Lacing extended to the toe zone allows precise adjustment of the shoe according to individual preferences. Using interchangeable layers, the Multi Fit Footbed Plus (MFF +) insole allows for better adaptation of the shoe to the shape of the foot, which translates into the highest comfort of use without imprints or abrasions.

The Wildfire Edge GTX is an advanced mountain shoe designed to move freely on demanding climbs and technical rock sections.



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