Salewa MS Wildfire Edge MID GTX M 61350-8971 trekking shoes



Salewa MS Wildfire Edge MID GTX M 61350-8971 trekking shoes


  • Men's medium-high shoe for technical approaches with the innovative Switchfit system and Pomoca sole that combines precision climbing with good walking properties.
  • Precise climbing and comfortable walking – in different weather conditions in one shoe. The Wildfire Edge Mid GORE-TEX® model is a unique technical solution for mountaineers and climbers who require climbing boots with improved climbing performance. Based on the smart and simple Salewa Switchfit system that allows you to quickly change the fit for hiking or climbing thanks to compression in the toe area similar to hiking boots
  • Just pull the laces tight to pull your foot forward in your toes. When you're done climbing, you can loosen the laces back to their original position for a wider toe box and more comfort while hiking
  • For even greater precision when climbing, the Wildfire Edge sockliner also includes an edge on the side of the foot and under the big toe for additional targeted stiffness. On the other hand, the rest of the insole remains flexible and responsive to guarantee good comfort and a natural rolling motion
  • The 11mm profile is also perfect for fast mountain climbs or great grip when walking. Lightweight, flexible mid-height upper is made of 1.6 mm thick suede, and an additional shell provides better torsional stability and, together with the 3F system, wraps the foot for better flexibility, fit and support
  • On the inside, the GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort lining is permanently waterproof and breathable, so sweat and water cannot penetrate, and sweat is easily wicked away from your feet. The boot has an elastic collar at the top for better protection against snow, debris and dirt. Thanks to the MFF + insert, you can also adjust the internal volume
  • On the underside, the Wildfire Edge Mid GORE-TEX® is equipped with the Pomoca Speed ​​MTN Pro sole, which thanks to the Pomoca butyl rubber compound guarantees better grip and friction on rocks in both dry and wet conditions.
  • The sole has a precise climbing area on the toes, good edges and perfectly spaced tread blocks for better grip on soft ground such as mud and grass.


  • suede


  • blue


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