Scooter SMJ sport NL-500-145 HS-TNK-000013995




    • A scooter with a durable, lightweight construction.
    • It has a modern patent for easy and failure-free folding. When folded, it takes up little space during storage and is convenient for transport.
    • Telescopic steering wheel adjustable in height on three levels.
    • Handlebars with a special profile ensure good grip, do not cause chafing and sweating of the hands, which increases the comfort and safety of driving.
    • Wheels made of high-quality polyurethane (containing rubber) ensure a quiet and safe ride.
    • Inside the wheels, very good quality bearings are mounted.
    • The scooter platform is lined with a non-slip, rough grip – thanks to which the shoe perfectly sticks to the platform while riding, which eliminates the risk of falling.
    • In addition, the scooter is equipped with fenders and a kickstand. The rear fender serves as a brake.
    • The product complies with the EN 14619 standard.

Detailed data:

– wheels: PU, 145 x 30 mm, 82A

– ABEC-7 bearings

– height: 87/92/97 cm

– overall length: 78 cm

– landing: 53.5 x 11 cm

– steering wheel width: 34.5 cm







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