Select handball ball T26-12134


Select handball ball T26-12134


  • Handball ball
  • Ball for children and teenagers made of very light and soft synthetic leather
  • The new design with additional foam cushions provides incredible softness and better grip.
  • The specially designed SR bladder inside guarantees optimal roundness.
  • The ball is great in the hand.
  • The ball is made of double bonded panels.
  • EHF approved
  • SIZE 0

In the production of dual bonded balls, the 32 panels are first stitched together and then glued at the edges. This ball consists of an outer casing made of polyurethane coated with 2 mm foam. An additional 3mm layer of foam is placed between the shell and the inner tube. In the next layer, panels with edges covered with glue to a width of 3 mm are laid and sewn manually or by machine. The adhesive applied to the edges is activated in the hot mould, making the seams invisible and sealed, meaning that the joints between the 32 panels are not felt to the touch. The combination of materials and production method results in an extremely soft handball with better grip and roundness.


  • pink with gray patterns



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