Set of SMJ sport Trx P3 HS-TNK-000016445 tapes



  • TRX is a very simple training device that can successfully replace a fully equipped gym. Training on tapes involves all muscle groups and can be used for general development, strength and rehabilitation exercises.
  • The TRX type tape by SMJ sport is a set of adjustable Y-shaped tapes, made of the highest quality materials that can be hung, for example, on a tree, bar or even on a door frame (with a special safe handle)
  • The method of TRX exercises was invented by the American commando Randy Hetrick, who came up with the idea of a mobile device, useful primarily for soldiers who often change places and do not have access to a gym.
  • Suspension training is becoming more and more popular, where the body of the exerciser acts as the load. The device is small, light and allows for comprehensive training in almost all conditions.

The kit includes:

    • main suspension system, two straps and an anchor
    • a bag for convenient storage included  



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