Step for aerobics HMS AS005


AS005 HMS is a step for fitness and aerobics exercises.


  • The device has a strong, stable construction ensuring comfort and safety of training.
  • Step will allow you to effectively slim and shape your thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach as well as improve fitness and coordination.
  • The device is made of lightweight and durable plastic. Thus, it provides comfort, safety and long life.
  • The 3-step height adjustment means that you perfectly match the AS005 HMS to your expectations, skills or specific exercises. The non-slip platform surface ensures stability and safety during training. In turn, rubber feet prevent unwanted stepping.


    Material: plastic
    Length: 90 cm
    Width: 32 cm
    Three-stage height adjustment
    Height: 15/20/25 cm
    Non-slip surface
    Non-slip rubber pads
    Step weight: 4.9 kg
    Maximum user weight: 250 kg


    It is not intended for commercial use
    24 months warranty




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