Tempish Wox M 1000065 rollers



TEMPISH Wox rollers


  • Classic fitness skates intended for both beginners and advanced skaters.
  • The medium-high construction ensures that the skaters are firmly anchored in the skeleton and have a firm control over the roller.
  • The double insole design with the removable complete liner is very comfortable and allows for quick drying after the ride and cleaning as needed.
  • (The liner can be rinsed in clean lukewarm water.)
  • The padding around the Achilles tendon is softer for a more comfortable ride.
  • Fastening the rollers with classic laces and Velcro on the padding for a stable fixation of the foot in the skeleton. The upper part of the skeleton is fastened with a strap with a micro buckle.
  • Men's skates designed for recreational fitness and conditioning skating.
  • CATCH series wheels show standard wear and tear depending on the surface quality, driving style and weight of the user.


  • Purpose Fitness, beginners, advanced and experienced skaters.
  • Skid Light alloy AL, 2 pieces, special fixation with two Phillips screws under the heel and a center screw under the front section.
  • Attachment system: perfect undercarriage with position control
  • Wheel size 84mm. Wheel hardness 85A
  • Bearings 608, ABEC 7
  • Lacing system Shoelaces Type |
  • Boot shell PE / NYLON, 2 parts, soft liner (inner sock) Stiffened NYLON / NYLEX, anatomical, reinforced with PVC elements, luxurious lining
  • Brake Included
  • Top fastener Buckle 45 degree fastener Velcro Axles 6 / 27mm Weight limit 100 kg

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