Thermoactive pants Alpinus Pro Miyabi Edition W GT43235



Thermoactive women's pants Alpinus Pro Miyabi Edition gray GT43235


  • Refined down to the smallest detail, Alpinus Pro women's thermoactive pants offer the highest level of comfort and warmth.
  • High-tech Miyabi yarn keeps you warm longer.
  • Bacteriostatic properties prevent the development of unpleasant odors.
  • Special polymerization prevents the material from peeling.
  • Thermo technology protects against the cold and offers optimal thermoregulation between the skin and the environment.
  • Double Layer construction with quick-drying Quick Dry fibers wicks sweat away from the skin.
  • Vent Areas ventilation zones guarantee optimal circulation and rapid drainage of moisture.
  • The fitted Perfect Fit cut made of antiallergic Anti Allergy fibers has gained flat, elastic Seamless seams.

Technical data:

  • Material: 44% acrylic, 18% viscose, 32% polypropylene, 6% elastane
  • Double Layer – a modern two-layer structure that gives a pleasant feeling of thermal comfort without excessive moisture
  • Vent Areas – ventilation zones in areas of increased sweating ·
  • Quick Dry – specialized, quick-drying materials with low absorbent parameters
  • Perfect Fit – flexible material construction, perfectly adjacent to the body
  • Thermo – technology that provides protection against cold, thermoregulation between the skin and the environment, and transport of moisture from the skin
  • Anti Allergy – antiallergic fibers that do not cause skin irritation
  • Seamless – the use of flat and flexible seams in sensitive areas, exposed to abrasions or pressure
  • Miyabi® – an innovative, soft and light yarn that retains heat for longer, at the same time has bacteriostatic properties and special polymerization, preventing the fibers from peeling







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