Thermobionic Silver+ M C047-412E1 Orange thermoactive shirt

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Thermobionic Silver+ M C047-412E1 Orange thermoactive shirt


  • The THERMOBIONIC thermoactive T-shirt will ensure the comfort of training and playing in cool mornings or evenings.
  • The t-shirt is made of special materials that absorb sweat, giving a feeling of dryness and airiness.
  • In turn, a special, body-hugging cut provides a feeling of warmth and stabilizes the work of sensitive muscle parts, minimizing the risk of irritation due to abrasions.
  • The t-shirt on the top is finished with a mini golf round neckline.
  • It is available in several color variants.
  • A thermoactive football shirt for seniors is the perfect solution for training sessions taking place in autumn and winter, but also for cooler evenings.
  • The sweat-wicking T-shirt is excellent ventilation, which guarantees comfort during training and during meetings for the stake.
  • Breathable sweat-wicking fabric
  • Fitted cut and flat seams do not irritate the body
  • Mini golf round neckline
  • Material: 90% polyester, 10% elastane


  • orange






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