Thermos Alpinus Tactical HB-700N Sahara HR18400


Thermos Alpinus Tactical HB-700N Sahara 0.7 black HR18400


  • Practical vacuum flask with 2 stoppers included.
  • The first lightweight "Twist" cork keeps the temperature well, allows you to pour the drink without having to unscrew it fully (half a turn is enough), protecting against unnecessary cooling.
  • The second "Click" cap enables convenient, ongoing use of the thermos.
  • The Sahara model perfectly insulates both hot and cold drinks.
  • Made of safe stainless steel and plastic (BPA free), it is highly resistant to damage.
  • The rough Better Grip Cover coating makes the thermos does not slip out of your hand.
  • Solid in a minimalist design, it will work during any outdoor adventure!



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