Tracksuit Zina Contra M 446E-8750F_20230203145227 navy blue/white

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  • CONTRA Men's Football Tracksuit.
  • Classic, masculine, design.
  • 100% SOFT TOUCH polyester material. It is a soft to the touch knitwear that belongs to the group of multifunctional materials, combining durability and flexibility.
  • Resistant to damage and any scratches tracksuit.
  • Appropriate stretching of the material.
  • Partial ribbed cuffs help keep the sweatshirt in place as you move.
  • Additional inserts in the middle of the sleeves prevent rolling up, which is necessary during activity.
  • Active Interwave technology. This is a special type of fabric weave that allows you to properly adjust the outfit to the footballer's figure and guarantees excellent body ventilation.
  • The solution used ensures optimal hydrophilic properties, which helps to improve the body's thermoregulation, and also improves the permeability of warm air and the ability to absorb sweat.
  • The cut of the sweatshirt includes a FULL zipper and tapered pants.
  • They are equipped with two capacious pockets in the side seams with zippers.


  • polyester


  • navy blue, white inserts

3XL, M, S, XL, XXL





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