Under Armor Boxer Shorts M 1363618-011


Under Armor Boxer Shorts M 1363618-011


  • Under Armor men's underwear set. The set includes 2 pairs of men's boxers made of high-quality synthetic materials.
  • Perfect for everyday use and during training.
  • Delicate, quick-drying material with a flexible structure adapts well to the body, giving high comfort. The boxers are equipped with a wide, rubber belt with the manufacturer's logo that gives character.
  • 2 pairs of Under Armor men's boxer shorts.
  • Quick-drying material that wicks sweat away.
  • Panties made of cotton and synthetic materials.
  • Flat seams protect against chafing.
  • 4-way stretch fabrics fit snugly against your body as you move.
  • Wide elastic waistband with UA logo.


  • 90% polyester,
  • 10% elastane.



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