Under Armor Hovr Rise 2 W 3024029-500


Under Armor Hovr Rise 2 W 3024029-500

Under Armor HOVR Rise 2 women's sports shoes in purple. The shoes have a lightweight upper that adapts to the foot. The soft insole guarantees cushioning, and the sole equipped with EVA foam is durable, provides the necessary support and excellent adhesion to the ground. Perfect for people starting their adventure with running. They will also be great during strength training or outdoor activities, but they will also perfectly complement the everyday styling of every woman.


  • Women's Under Armor HOVR Rise 2 shoes.
  • They are perfect for running, strength training and outdoor activities.
  • Midsole enriched with EVA foam.
  • UA HOVR™ foam maximizes sole firmness.
  • Lightweight, lace-up upper made of breathable 3D mesh.
  • They will perfectly complement your everyday styling.
  • Solid rubber sole.


  • Violet



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