Yakima Sport Training Bag – 140×40 cm Empty 100471


Yakima Sport Training Bag – 140×40 cm Empty 100471


Punching bag 140x40cm The perfect choice for youth, women and people training at home.
The height and weight of the bag have been selected for recreational and endurance training.

It is mainly intended for home use.

Its weight and size ensure adequate training comfort and at the same time do not overwhelm with their dimensions, which is why these bags are especially willingly chosen by people who hang them in apartments or small home gyms.

The basic attribute of every martial arts club, necessary both in amateur and professional training.

A punching bag – because of course we are talking about it – is a guarantee of a successful, and most importantly, developmental training session.

At Yakimasport, we know this very well, which is why we have prepared a high-quality boxing bag – filled, ready for assembly.

When designing Yakimasport accessories, we focus on, among others: on their quality and universal nature. It was no different in the case of the proposed punching bag. It will work both in the training room, gym, and at home, eg during private training. Its quality stands out from competing products – we took care of every detail. We left nothing to chance.

The main use of the offered boxing bag is technical training and punch strength training. However, there are no obstacles to use it in other training units. Importantly, there are many sports for which our bag is suitable for training – for boxing, kick-boxing or MMA.

You buy a filled boxing bag – inside we put textile scraps and a special granulate, thanks to which we obtained the optimal hardness of the bag;
the price includes a full assembly kit – along with a set of chains;

bag height – 140 cm ; with chain – 180 cm; circumference – 120cm (diameter approx. 40cm)

weight with filling – approx. 40-50 kg.

As Yakimasport, we are constantly developing our offer of punching bags and other combat sports accessories. We are proud that it is appreciated by both amateurs and professional players.
It is possible to buy a bag without filling.


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