Zina Formation M Z01997_20220201112217 football shirt green/blue

Produkto šiuo metu neturime.


  • The FORMATION football shirt was created for footballers of all levels.
  • This model has proven itself among professionals, but amateur players are also delighted with it.
  • SOFT TOUCH polyester was used for the production of the T-shirt – it is a soft-to-the-touch knitwear that belongs to the group of multifunctional materials, combining durability and flexibility.
  • Through the use of a mesh ventilation panel, the shirt effectively circulates air.
  • Active Interwave technology. It is a special type of knitwear weave that ensures a proper fit and excellent body ventilation. The applied solution ensures optimal hydrophilic properties. The garment provides heat insulation, which will work well in training in low temperatures.


  • 100% polyester

L, M, S, XL, XXL





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