Zina Winter Cup match ball 01295-105


Zina Winter Cup match ball 01295-105


  • Good visibility in winter conditions is half the battle.
  • The WINTER CUP ball is the best example of this.
  • This professional match ball has been created for playing on snowy pitches.
  • The perfectly visible material from which it was made contrasts well with any type of ground, and the softness of the stroke and ball control ensure the highest quality game.
  • The rough surface prevents excessive slipping of the ball while limiting snow adhesion and moisture absorption, and the use of AIR VIBRE technology in contact with the air helps to remove excess moisture, making the ball's flight path stable and precise.
  • Thanks to the appropriate construction of the ball, it retains its optimal shape and softness even at the lowest temperatures.
  • Perfect visibility
  • Stability and control
  • Precision
  • Softness at low temperatures
  • Low moisture absorption


  • orange






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