Asics Gel-Pulse 15 W running shoes 1012B593 401


Asics Gel-Pulse 15 women's running shoes 1012B593 401


  • Asics women's shoes are perfect for running on hard surfaces.
  • The jacquard mesh upper creates a structure with varying levels of breathability.
  • Soft lining.

Technical data:

· The mesh structure of the upper ensures better breathability

· Main upper made from at least 20% recycled materials to reduce waste and carbon emissions

· The insert was produced using a special "dope eye" dyeing technology, which reduces water consumption by approx. 33% and carbon dioxide emissions by approx. 45% compared to typical dyeing technologies

· Flytefoam cushioning – helps provide a feeling of lightness and comfort underfoot

· AsicsGel – improves shock absorption and ensures a more gentle impact of the foot on the ground

· OrthoLite insole – shock-absorbing polyurethane foam insole with antifungal and antibacterial properties · Aharplus rubber heel pad increases durability



37, 38, 39, 40





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Asics Gel-Pulse 15 W running shoes 1012B593 401 – 40, Navy blue
Asics Gel-Pulse 15 W running shoes 1012B593 401
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