BOSU NexGen training equipment


Bosu (acronym "both sides up") is a two-sided device which is a unique combination of a ball and step. One side of the device is a kind of pneumatic dome that works (flexes) with every movement of the exerciser, while the other side is a flat and rigid platform. Two handles hidden in the recesses make it easy to turn the device from one side to the other. The diameter of the platform is approximately 65 cm.

Bosu is nothing more than a simulator of movements characteristic of various sports. The basic element is balance training, and Bosu offers great opportunities in this regard. It is suitable for both static and dynamic exercises and exercises that improve body balance. It also has a great influence on the stabilization of the trunk.

You can practice on one, two or more devices at the same time by going up, down, jumping and kneeling. All this at any pace, in various positions, always interesting and, most importantly, safely.

Tips on how to inflate your BOSU
Place the pump tip carefully in the hole on the bottom and inflate the BOSU to a height of approx. 25 cm.

Warranty period: 12 months







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