Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket M 1533898464


Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket M 1533898464

  • Breathability
    The materials used are characterized by optimal breathability, which means that moisture is effectively transported to the outer layers, leaving the fabric dry and comfortable even during long activities.
  • compactness
    The jacket has been designed in such a way as to protect against adverse weather, while keeping the size of the product small. This made it fit in a backpack, so you can take it with you wherever the weather changes.
  • Durable material
    The construction and fabric make it extremely durable and much less susceptible to damage, thanks to which it will serve for a long time, even with frequent use.
  • Waist adjustment
    To ensure maximum comfort during activity and optimal adaptation of the product to individual needs, the construction uses a waist adjustment that prevents cold air from entering the inside of the jacket.
  • waterproof
    The product is characterized by high water resistance, thanks to which it perfectly protects against adverse weather conditions, leaving the inside of the clothing dry and comfortable.
  • Taped seams
    Taped seams are used to maximally prevent water from entering the clothing, which protects the tourist from rain.


  • Nylon,
  • lining: polyester


  • navy



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