Cornilleau NEXEO X70 racket – for outdoor use


The Cornilleau NEXEO X70 racket is designed for outdoor games. It is a perfect combination of the advantages of an outdoor racket with the level of playing with a classic racket. The speed and precision of the NEXEO X70 racket is due to smooth rubber with an appropriate backing. The best quality materials used for the production of the racket provide increased resistance to shocks and adverse weather conditions, UV rays and moisture. The NEXEO X70 racket is solid and durable combined with a high-level game.


speed: 8.5
rotation: 8.5
control: 8
material: composite
undercoat color: white
rubber material: polymer


PRECISION AND ROTATION Innovative design and materials used ensure precise rotation control
SPEED Dynamic backing provides reliable speed
CONVENIENCE The ergonomic handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip
MADE IN FRANCE Product designed and manufactured in France




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