Football Molten UEFA Europa League 2023/24 F5U5000-34


Football Molten UEFA Europa League 2023/24 – official match ball F5U5000-34

    • The official match ball of the UEFA Europa League for the 2023/24 season
    • Classic 32-panel design for excellent playing characteristics
    • Maximum durability thanks to glued panel construction
    • Improved flight properties thanks to innovative surface structure
    • ACENTEC technology
    • PU material
    • Glued, seamless surface
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Excellent performance

Patented ACENTEC design. Molten's unique thermal bonding technology on the cushioning foam layer creates a smooth, seamless covering that cannot be achieved by hand sewing. The result is a uniform surface and reduced water absorption, resulting in exceptional performance that is unaffected by weather conditions. Seamless construction provides the highest control over the ball.

Surface that increases flight stability

The textured surface of the ball reduces turbulence and stabilizes it in flight. This improves ball control, resulting in more accurate passes and shots.

Exclusive design for the UEFA League

The UEFA Europa League's 'wave of energy' brand identity represents the journey of clubs across Europe, expressing the highs and lows of this exciting adventure. The wave of energy has been integrated with Molten's distinctive style to create a unique and exclusive design and laid out to enhance visual recognition.

New valve

The use of a new valve reduces friction (40% compared to previous official match balls) when inflating the ball, making it more resistant to damage.

Correct pressure information is printed on all balls in the valve area. Correctly inflating the ball is important to maintaining a technically perfect product. Over-inflation will damage the ball. When inflating the ball with a pump, it is very important that the pump needle is lubricated before inserting it.








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