Helly Hansen Woodlands M 10823-726 shoes


Helly Hansen Woodlands M 10823-726 shoes


  • men’s shoes by Helly Hansen
  • shoes are made of nubuck – extremely durable natural leather that absorbs heat and warms the feet, which is especially important when you have to face downpours and low temperatures
  • the unique waterproof membrane, developed by Helly Hansen, and factory impregnation will prevent the formation of moisture inside the shoe and leave your feet dry for many hours, so you do not risk them freezing, even when you are surprised by harsh weather conditions
  • the raised upper has been profiled in such a way as to protect the ankle and minimize the risk of injuries and abrasions – as in the case of rigid collars, and the rounded front guarantees comfortable positioning of the fingers, which is a huge advantage when you plan to face long and demanding routes
  • wearing comfort is enhanced by a light, soft EVA insole that cushions every move


  • nubuck


  • beige



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