Joma Regate Rebound 2401 IN M RREW2401IN shoes


Joma Regate Rebound 2401 IN shoes


This model maintains maximum breathability, which ensures comfort of use. What's new is the use of REACTIVE BALL technology, which ensures maximum shock absorption.

Shoe with maximum cushioning thanks to the phylon REACTIVE BALL insert in the midsole. This shoe combines the features of comfort and maximum breathability with the first version. The upper is made with microfiber, nylon and TPU on nylon inserts to protect against abrasions. Constructed of internal nylon, so the foot stays stable on the sole. Reinforced toecap for impact relief. The sockliner is pre-molded from EVA and the insole is made from 2mm thick natural EVA. The midsole is made of dual-density plastic, the upper part is stiffer to ensure stability and the lower part is made with the new REACTIVE BALL technology. The sole is made of excellent quality rubber and DIN-70 abrasion resistance.



40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45





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Joma Regate Rebound 2401 IN M RREW2401IN shoes – 43, Multicolour
Joma Regate Rebound 2401 IN M RREW2401IN shoes
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