Riedlentė Meteor 23690


Meteor 23690 skateboard

This model reactivates the extremely popular vinyl skateboards from the seventies and eighties in combination with modern technology.

Plastic slalom – cruising board with polyurethane wheels, ideal for urban driving on crowded, bumpy pavements. It is very light and definitely smaller than typical skateboards. Thanks to this, it is possible to change the direction of travel easily and quickly and to make perfect moves, and moving the board is not a problem. The non-slip surface prevents slipping off the skateboard, and the polyurethane wheels adapt to the ground absorbing shocks. Incredibly attractive, unique design catches the eye and allows you to stand out in the crowd. Everyone will like it, especially users who pay attention to style and appearance.

Properties :

  • created for children and youth
  • wheels made of polyurethane
  • steel ABEC-7 bearings
  • aluminum truck
  • plastic deck
  • wheel dimensions: 6 x 4.5 cm
  • wheel hardness: 78A
  • skateboard dimensions: length 56 cm, width 14.6 cm, thickness 1 – 2.1 cm, height 10 cm
  • grip boards in the grooves
  • Meteor logo
  • wrapped in protective foil
  • weight 1.8 kg


  • aluminum
  • polyurethane
  • PVC


  • blue
  • elements in red







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Meteor 23690 skateboard
Riedlentė Meteor 23690
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