Meteor City Rio 16955 scooter




  • If you want to get to school, work or just ride a little to relax, this equipment is just for you! It will delight not only older children, but also adults.
  • The vehicle is made of the highest quality aluminum, making it durable and light. All connecting and securing screws are made of steel, which guarantees the durability of the connections.
  • The steering wheel is equipped with rubber handles to ensure a secure grip, and the 3-step height adjustment will allow the vehicle to be perfectly adjusted even to very tall people. Additionally, the handlebar is equipped with an aluminum clamp, which ensures even better mounting and guarantees stability. A large, low platform makes it easier to maintain balance, which will also make beginner users feel more confident.
  • Giant wheels and high-quality bearings increase stability, smoothness and driving safety. Installing two shock absorbers increases comfort when traveling on uneven surfaces.
  • Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with mudguards that protect against splashes if you are caught by rain, and the rear one also serves as a brake.
  • Thanks to the foldable structure, the scooter can be folded quickly and easily. You can easily move it or hide it.
  • The unique design and high-quality workmanship will satisfy the most demanding users.
  • The original colors make the product unique and elegant.
  • Perfect as a gift.

The product complies with the European standard: EN 14619

Adjustable carrying strap


    • Assembly keys
    • Instruction.









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Meteor City Rio 16955 scooter – uniw, Multicolour
Meteor City Rio 16955 scooter
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