Puma Ultra Ultimate M FG/AG Football Shoes 107311 03


Puma Ultra Ultimate FG/AG 107311 03 football shoes Professional men's Puma football shoes will provide incredible acceleration when you quickly approach the opponent's goal. A model from the Gear Up collection. Additionally, the upper is made from at least 20% recycled materials. Technical data: · UltraWeave – ultra-light, stretchable material that is responsible for lightness and reduced friction. Designed for spores who want to increase speed and strength · PWRtape – reinforcement located in the heel providing light support · SpeedPlate – double density outsole ensuring unprecedented speed · Nano Grip – light, removable insole prevents the foot from slipping inside the shoe · FG/AG – designed sole for playing on a hard, grassy surface or artificial grass



42,5, 43, 44





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