Skill Ball training football – size 4 Yakimasport 100038


Skill Ball tethered football size 4 Yakima


  • Skill Ball is nothing but a training system, primarily technique, coordination and maneuverability, thanks to exercising with the ball hooked on special braces
  • Skill Ball allow you to achieve much more effective training classes
  • with Skill Ball players can train the ball party with different body parts, practice timing, coordination and maneuverability
  • can be used everywhere: on the pitch, at school, in front of the house, in the hall, on vacation
  • the ball is small, handy and allows you to perfect your technique overnight
  • it is recommended mainly for children and adolescents, due to the fact that at this stage of development the possibilities of shaping the player's technique are the greatest
  • Skill Ball storage bag


  • black
  • white



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