Tempish Acura 1 wrist guards 102000012




  • Classic wrist protectors with a very strong lining with plastic stiffeners on both sides.
  • Made of flexible material with internal flexible foam for a very comfortable fit.
  • For a better fit and securing the pads in the optimal position, we use a wide, elastic Velcro strap with the TEMPISH logo.
  • The side of the protectors has holes in the elastic material for better ventilation, heat and moisture removal.
  • In parts where the protector touches the skin, it is made of a very nice absorbent fabric "terry".
  • The same material is also on the outside of the back of your hand – you can wipe the sweat off your forehead.
  • The protectors are equipped with a loop for easy donning, carrying and hanging during drying and storage.
  • The padding can be carefully removed from the protector and then cleaned in warm (not hot) water with detergent.
  • Color: Black, Pink
  • Size: S, M, L, XL






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