Tempish Atatu Mid 10000047 019 speed skates


TEMPISH Atatu Mid speed skates


  • Rollers for demanding users.
  • New skids, new design, new 3BW with 125mm wheels.
  • The fastest model of speed skates that TEMPISH has ever delivered to the market.
  • This model has a taller shoe structure.
  • Excellent anatomical structure, comfortable, safe and durable lining, seamless lining and an excellent construction in the ankle area that fits 85% of the population.
  • TEMPISH ATATU MID – another model of skates up to size 49.
  • The shoe has been improved in several details, mainly to reduce weight.
  • The outer shell is made of a new type of high-strength PU material, has increased abrasion resistance and reduced water and moisture absorption capacity.
  • Reinforcement of part of the eyelet for laces and Velcro and buckle at the top have achieved a sufficient degree of tightening the roller to the foot, according to the requirements of individual users, which allowed to reduce the weight of the roller.
  • The shell is extremely light, made of 7-layer carbon fiber. The shell can be shaped individually – it is recommended to carry out this process many times in several successive stages at temperatures up to a maximum of 110 ° C.
  • Before the shaping process, it is important to remove the buckle and wheels, keep the chassis in place – if it is removed from the shoe, it may happen that the distance of the mounting holes will change during the forming!
  • Each user carries out this vigorous re-design at their own risk. After doing this, the warranty for your skates ends immediately! As a result of improper operation or technique, the shoe can be irreparably damaged.
  • The new skids marked TEMPISH 3BW (3 Big Wheels) are again the lightest in the category 3 chassis wheels in sizes from 125mm.
  • The weight in the housing is only 225 g.


Purpose Fast skating, fitness. Heavy loads, advanced, experienced skaters.

3 BW skid, made of high-strength AL 7005 alloy, fastened with central screws with the possibility of adjusting the lateral position in relation to the shoe.

Length 320mm.

Bolt mounting distance 195

Wheel size 125mm. Wheel hardness 88A

Bearings 608, HI-SPEED TRT 11

Lacing system Shoelaces Type |

Shoe's shell Extremely light, made of 7-layer graphite fibers, new anatomical shape of the skeleton in the area of the inner and outer ankle, the tip of the shoe in the area of the ankle and the Achilles heel – comfort fix, reinforced with two straps, including one with microb.

Liner (inner sock) Microfiber

Brake None

Top Velcro closure, buckle, 45 degree clasp

No 8mm axle

Weight limit 100 kg


38, 39, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49





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Tempish Atatu Mid 10000047 019 speed skates
Tempish Atatu Mid 10000047 019 speed skates
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