Tempish Veateq W sweatshirt 1350000549



  • TEMPISH VEATEQ women's hoodie
  • Synonymous with comfort and style
  • Feel unrivaled comfort and enjoy the versatility of our TEMPISH VEATEQ hoodie.
  • Carefully crafted for maximum comfort, this full-zip sweatshirt combines high-quality materials and functionality.
  • Perfect for both relaxation and long journeys.
  • Zippered pockets and durable YKK zippers increase the practicality and durability of the sweatshirt, making it an essential wardrobe item.

Main features:

  • High-quality materials: A blend of 50% cotton and 50% Melange pleated fabric for softness, durability and easy-care.
  • Comfortable hood: Adjustable hood provides additional protection and warmth on colder days.
  • Zipper pockets: Practical zippered pockets offer a safe place to store small items.
  • Durable YKK zippers: YKK zippers, known for their reliability, increase the functionality of the sweatshirt and guarantee its long-term use.
  • Universal use: Perfect for everyday wear and outdoor activities, the VEATEQ sweatshirt is the perfect choice for any occasion.
  • The TEMPISH VEATEQ hoodie is an ideal proposition for women who value a combination of style, comfort and functionality.
  • Whether you're planning a quiet day at home, an active day outdoors, or a longer trip, this sweatshirt will give you everything you need.

L, M, S, XL





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Tempish Veateq W sweatshirt 1350000549 – M, Gray/Silver
Tempish Veateq W sweatshirt 1350000549
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