Training tiguar tubing mega tube TI-NTME005M



  • Tubing intended for training strengthening the upper body parts.
  • The resistance of the rubber while stretching forces the muscles to work, improving their strength and endurance. tiguar tubing mega tube is perfect for exercises without step, because the strap located in the middle of the rubber protects it from rubbing with shoes.
  • Tiguar tubings are equipped with completely new handles created according to a design inspired by innovative solutions in product design.
  • Adjusting the size and diameter of the handle (28 mm), as well as its ergonomic profiling guarantee maximum comfort during exercise, increase the grip, prevent slipping and at the same time attract attention with a modern design.
  • The inside of the handle is made of durable polypropylene, and the whole thing is covered with durable TPR rubber.
  • The patches on the handles inform the user about the degree of resistance. Handle length: 12.5 cm

    Available degrees of resistance and colors:
    180 cm, light – plum
    180 cm, medium – sea
    180 cm, strong – gray

    Warranty period: 6 months








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